CBLT 0.5 Update

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This is a freely distributed fan-game. If you are being charged by anyone anywhere to play CBLT, you’re being scammed.

Hello there, DinoMan here with a new public release for CBLT! I give thanks to Arc Alpha 12, Keoki, Tsu, ChocolateBunny, and Meinos Kaen, who have been of big help in regards to the development of this update, as well as the betas who have been hard at work testing for bugs. A huge shoutout to my Patrons as well, who have been willing to help financially support the development of the game. I also give thanks to Amaco and Keyliom, who have contributed two brilliant CG pieces to this update.

We also have a new developer joining the team this month: Project Trinity, JPDE’s composer! He’s already been hard at work developing two tracks that make their debut in CBLT 0.5! And there are more tracks on the way!

As always, don’t forget to give any feedback and report any bugs on:



Week Four 42.857143% Complete – The adventures of Team CBLT continue! We see the aftermath of Cobalt upgrading his weapons, as well as the build up to one of the biggest events in the game thus far! We also have appearances from Mina, Aureum and Nora in this update!

Coco Adel (New Character) – After introducing some original characters, it’s time to bring in some more of the RWBY stars. The first of which being the well-styled fashionista Coco Adel, leader of Team CFVY! And she won’t be alone either, as she’ll be joined by someone who will be appearing in CBLT as Miss Adel’s girlfriend…

Velvet Scarlatina (New Character) – Yep, the Aussie bun bun has come to Team CBLT! And you’ll be meeting both her and Coco in a spectacular – but painful, and embarrasing – fashion when Week 4 rolls around!

Ruby Rose (Updated Sprite) – Ruby’s gotten a new sprite in this update, courtesy of Amaco as always!

Ruby’s 1st Route Event (Writing+Art) – You can now go on your 1st route event with Lilac Silver! This includes a CG Art Piece by Keyliom!

BlueFire’s One Year Anniversary Event (Writng+Art+Music) – After one whole year of dating each other, Cobalt and Blaze are finally doing something to celebrate the occasion! This will be the biggest event ever, in terms of size and scale. You’ve not only got writing, but Amaco’s also put together two fabulous sprites of both of them dressed up, and Project Trinity has also composed a brand new music piece for the event!

New Main Menu Music – In addition to the pre-existing RWBY supercover I made back when I released 0.2, Project Trinity has also created a new piece! (Funny story, but this one he actually gave to me for free, since it was based off the last notes of my BlueFire commission, and was unrequested music/minutes.)

That’s all for 0.5! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out Meinos Kaen’s PROJECT JPDE!


Team CBLT (Android Devices) 722 MB
Version 0.5 Oct 29, 2019
Team CBLT (Windows/Linux) 706 MB
Version 0.5 Oct 29, 2019

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