CBLT 0.51 Patch Notes

Hello there! DinoMan here! In the past week or so since CBLT 0.5 came out, I got a new music piece from Trinity. As it pertains to BLZE content, I figured ‘why not just put it in the game and update it?’ That was before I remembered I have four places to upload it all to. But hey, at least you get a bit of extra stuff!

As always, don’t forget to give any feedback and report any bugs on:



BlueFire Twinge (New Music Piece) – Trinity’s made an alternative version of the BlueFire piece that appears in the anniversary date. I’ll give you three guesses as to exactly where this alt piece appears in the game. 😛 (Word of advice, if you’ve installed the lood pack, you’ll need to redownload it again. Otherwise you will get a bug.)

Updated Main Menu – There’s been an upgrade to the main menu’s CBLT logo. This might be the most 3D thing in the game, and that includes Bunnyvoid’s backgrounds. 😛

That’s all for 0.51! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out Meinos Kaen’s PROJECT JPDE!


Team CBLT (Windows/Linux) 706 MB
Version 0.51 Nov 07, 2019
Team CBLT (Android Devices) 722 MB
Version 0.51 Nov 07, 2019

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